Adventures At South Point
Or Just Taking In The View

Amy's & Rick's Favorites

Are you adventurous? Do you want to get away from the crowds? South Point is the place. South Point is a pleasant 70 miles or an hour and forty-five minutes from the Ranch. It is only about an hour from Volcano and a good morning stop on the way. The road from Kona winds past scenic Captain Cook and down through barren lava and ohia forest areas. The twelve-mile drive off the main road to South Point is dotted with cows, pastures and windmills and is very scenic - broad, open and expansive. It has spectacular views of Mauna Loa, the plains, and the deep-blue ocean water with wind-blown white-caps. There are three areas at South Point - the Harbor where the road (4WD) to Green Sands Beach starts (may or may not be open to vehicles); the Gallows or Cliffs; and Broken Road (the old launch ramp). If you are going to Green Sands Beach, check in at the Visitors Center (an old house before the harbor).
South Point tends to be sunnier and less windy in the morning. The wind and current line move off shore from the point leaving a calm lee below the cliffs or gallows area. The gallows are named for the wooden structures fishermen use to hang down their nets. Try jumping off the cliffs - it is only about a 25 foot drop and a real thrill. The visibility is over 100 feet and there are a variety of fish. If you don't want to jump, it is an easy climb down to the water. Or take one of the ladders that hang down from the cliffs. Make sure you check the current and don't swim out too far. The current (Halaea) is named after a Hawaiian chief who went swimming off the point and got caught in the current and was never seen again. About a half mile to the north is Broken Road. The launch ramp was washed out by the 1960 South American tidal wave. It is another easy climb down to the water and an easy water entry for snorkeling. The whole cove is in the lee and is generally very calm and no current. There are more fish here than at the Gallows although visibility is not quite as good. In the winter swells can make the area difficult to enter and exit. In other months, it is generally an easy entry and exit.

The Gallows
Broken Road
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